Client Testimonials for Chicago Speech Therapy

We recommend Chicago Speech Therapy

Elena Preoteasa

Johanna was a great help for us and our son David. He started his speech therapy with someone else at 20 months and by 26 months he was not able to say more than Mom. At that time we reach out to Chicago Speech Therapy and we worked with Johanna for almost 9 months and by the time my son was 3 years old he was able to speak in sentences. He was very happy to see Johanna and was hugging her every time and asked about her during the week. The attention/interest given by Johanna to our energetic son was amazing and was a key in having him pick up and evolve so quickly. Further, Johanna kept in touch with us and she checked on David and offer suggestions on different challenges that we had with him. We would recommend Chicago Speech Therapy to any Parent as they are committed to both you as a Parent and to your child and helping out beyond the session time; they are your Partner for your kid speed recovery and success.

We are so happy to have found Chicago Speech Therapy


We are so happy to have found Chicago Speech Therapy. We were placed with Johanna Drucker and she was an absolute asset to our family. Our son went from not being able to string 2 words together to saying 3 and 4 word sentences, all within just a few visits from Johanna. Johanna’s therapy sessions were fun and incredibly effective for our son. He can’t stop talking now! Thank you Johanna and Chicago Speech Therapy.

It has made a world of difference for us


My husband and I struggled with the decision of speech therapy. We could not decide if our daughter was truly behind, or if she was just a typical 2 year old. After a great deal of research, we decided that Karen George and her speech therapy team would be the best choice for our family.

There are so many wonderful things about Karen and her team. After the first initial meeting, I knew that we had made the right decision. After our second meeting, and our introduction to Christine, we were even more excited. Our daughter immediately was comfortable with Christine. It can be tough working with an active two year old, but Christine was patient and understanding, week after week. Every time she came, she brought new and different ways for our daughter to learn. Almost immediately, we saw a difference in her speech. Our daughter struggled with consonant deletion, and a few of her basic letter sounds. After a short period of time, she made a remarkable turnaround. One of the best parts of our time with Christine was seeing how happy she made our daughter. She waited at the window for her to arrive for her weekly appointment.

Due to relocating out of state, we are no longer with Christine. She will be extremely hard to replace. The job of a speech therapist is difficult, finding one like Christine is near impossible. Our family highly recommends making the choice for speech therapy. It has made a world of difference for us.

Thank you again for everything!

I recommend her strongly


Katie was an excellent speech therapist for my 9 year-old son. She was able to gain his confidence and establish a fun, but productive, relationship during their first session. She then built on that relationship progressively, in subsequent sessions, and achieved solid results. She was compassionate and encouraging, yet always professional and goal-oriented. Katie is just terrific and I recommend her strongly.

I have nothing but good things to say


I’m a grandmother and Katie worked with my granddaughter Molly. I was so very happy. It was amazing to see how well Katie worked with Molly. Each week there was lots of new ideas about how Katie could help her and it really made a huge difference. She is great – I have nothing but good things to say. Anyone family and child who gets to work with her is blessed! Thanks!

Katie is dependable, patient, kind, warm, but also really effective.


Katie worked with our family and helped my son before he turned 3. She was great! Katie is dependable, patient, kind, warm, but also really effective. She always found new, innovative ways to motivate him. She always had a clear plan and it was great to see how she managed each session to make it productive. Each week she brought a smile to our faces and she established a strong personal connection with my son (and the rest of the family as well). She truly became “one of our family”. We recommend her! We really enjoyed and miss her!

He has caught up to his age in speech comprehension and vastly improved


Katie is a wonderful therapist and greatly helped with the development of our son. She listened to Lucas and found ways to help engage him into activities that would enable her to work on increasing his vocabulary. In addition to helping Lucas directly, she was very specific in activities as well as provided my husband and me with tools to aid in his progression. Lucas had no speech and very limited ways of communicating at 15 months. We are now happy to say that at his 2 year evaluation with Children’s Memorial he has caught up to his age in speech comprehension and vastly improved in areas of speech communication!

You have done an outstanding job and gone above and beyond


I’d like to thank Kirstin and Chicago Speech Therapy for everything you have done! You have done an outstanding job and gone above and beyond. Kirstin is wonderful, superb! I cannot believe how each week my wife and I would discuss something with Kirstin and it would immediately be implemented in therapy the following week. She was always wonderful, thoughtful and prepared. We will not forget how you have helped.

The work of your practice is life-changing!


Kelly is tremendous! So great. Alyana made great improvements (huge!) under speech therapy. She is just awesome. I didn’t expect this type of quality and now I am so glad we did this for our daughter. I just cannot explain how happy we are all the way around. And my daughter loves Kelly! Who she refers to as her “speech teacher”. Alyana looked forward to the sessions each week. Thank you, Chicago Speech Therapy and Kelly for making such an impact on my child and on our family. The work of your practice is life-changing! Best

We are impressed by both the verbal and behavioral gains


My family was very happy with Kelly’s work with Liam and we are impressed by both the verbal and behavioral gains Liam has made in such a short period of time. Kelly was so creative with her approach to working with Liam and was a great model for how I can best support his needs. My husband and I often found ourselves asking “what would Kelly do?” when determining the best way to work with Liam. Kind regards.

Danny is signing “more” and “open” like a champ now!


Let Christine know that Danny is signing “more” and “open” like a champ now! We can’t wait for her visit next Wednesday!

Great to work with in every way


Katie is absolutely wonderful! I’m a mom who has had experiences with other therapists and I can honestly say there is no comparison. Katie is amazing. When I first met Katie I was immediately impressed – she was able to make my daughter feel comfortable and made therapy fun. My daughter looked forward to and had a wonderful time with Katie (all the while developing her speech skills). Great to work with in every way. Katie is very knowledgeable as well – her insight was always spot on. She always went above and beyond and found creative ways and projects to motivate my daughter. I strongly recommend Katie to any parent without reservation, I cannot say enough about her! She is just fabulous.

She was truly excited about being able to say new words


We started working with Katie at the end of the summer last year. I really didn’t know what to expect with speech therapy and our four year old was not excited about going. After we met Miss Katie, that all changed. Katie had a real rapport with our daughter. Emilie couldn’t wait to go to speech class every Monday, in fact the one week we had to cancel, she cried. Miss Katie was able to work with her without Emilie feeling like it was work. She was truly excited about being able to say new words and work on problem words.

We had a great first day


Hi Quinn, Just wanted to comment on how much I loved the session between Liz and Cal yesterday. Liz is so warm and fun I think he was upset she left. Please pass this message on to Karen. We had a great first day and looking and hopefully all his sessions will be this way. Thanks

It’s been wonderful


Hi Quinn, Hope all is well with you. Liz has seen Isaac 3 times, and it’s been wonderful. Thanks so much!!

Today was AWESOME!


Hi Liz, I’m so excited about therapy. Today was AWESOME!

We are so pleased!


Christine is doing a great job and we are so pleased!

Karen George’s Chicago Speech Therapy program is fantastic!


We started working with Kelly about 6 months ago with our 7 year old son, Jake. We had previously been working with the school appointed speech therapist affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hospital systems. That program would remove our son from class during the day which would also cause him to miss important classroom lessons. Jake was not making much progress with his speech by last year’s end. We were growing concerned. After our initial meeting with Karen, we really felt that in-home instruction would be best for our son. What an amazing difference that has made!!! We are working with Kelly. We simply adore her! She is enthusiastic, bright and always encouraging! Jake was able to complete speech therapy in only a few months and his speech issues are all resolved!! One of the biggest differences in the programs is the time that Kelly spends 10-15 minutes with us after each session to review how we can work with our son to help overcome the speech issue that was addressed that week. Our other son has now started working with Kelly and should be done with only a couple of months of work! That is just incredible. The kids both adore their time with Kelly and can’t wait until she comes each week! On a scale of 1-10, Chicago Speech Therapy is 10+

We were extremely pleased…

Lori H

I was looking for a speech therapist for my 7 year old son, and initially was interested in Karen George Chicago Speech Therapy because they could come to our home. I didn’t know anyone personally who had used Karen George, but I read the reviews online and decided to set up an appointment with Karen. When I met her, I was immediately struck by how professional and friendly she was, and she really took the time to understand my son’s needs. We were able to start speech therapy right away with Kelly, and from the start she also exceeded my expectations. Not only was she very professional, highly organized and friendly, but she seemed to connect well with my son and was able to get him interested in his speech therapy after a long day in the classroom. I was expecting to spend a full school year working on the speech issues my son had, but he “graduated” after only half a school year. My husband and I couldn’t believe how quickly he progressed, and we were very impressed with Kelly and her effective techniques. She had high expectations for my son, but she always made the work fun for him. Overall, we were extremely pleased with Kelly and Karen George Chicago Speech Therapy, and we would enthusiastically recommend their services!

Ashley has simply been sensational

By Claudia

I just wanted to send you a simple note to express our great appreciation for one of your therapist, Ashley, who has been seeing our son Jake since now September of this year.
Ashley has simply been sensational.

We have seen such an improvement in Jake since she has started the sessions with him. She always brings with her thoughtful and engaging activities for Jake, and the follow up with my husband and I is constant and succinct. She has also been very flexible with her schedule, coming to our house three times a week, to insure the right consistency in the progress of our son… and it’s been working great.

Our son is so fond of her, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of her dedication and professionalism.
I thought I should pass on those kind words about Ashley… she is truly doing a great job.

Thank you for assisting us with Daniel’s speech

By Molly

Liza and Kelly — First, thank you so much for working with us, and helping Daniel with speech therapy, in verbalizing his needs and on his overall speech development. We have also seen remarkable improvements even in his behavior. Especially to Kelly, who has shared key ideas and methods in effective play and discipline with me. I heard praises about both of you from my babysitters.

He has so many more words in his vocabulary, is able to describe his feelings, eg. “I’m scared”, things, eg. “water is hot”, and also able to request for help rather than having tantrums (but not when he is crabby/ sleepy).

I think Daniel is on his way, and really needs to be among peers to positively model his speech and behavior from.
Again, thank you for assisting us with Daniel’s speech. Have a great Thanksgiving and keep in touch!


By Alejandra

After reading Karen George’s Parent Guide to Language Development Milestones I knew that the District 65 Family Center Speech and Language event was in the right hands. In a society learning on the web can be so overwhelming, Karen was the presenter to give parents the tools they needed to address their children’s speech needs. With her expertise matched by her approachability and friendliness, each attendant complimented Karen’s presentation and raved about how much information they walked away with. Thank you so much for not only making the event a success, but also for making a difference in our community. Bravo!

Karen is a wonderful speech therapist

By Erica

Karen is a wonderful speech therapist, and we miss working with her very much! We called Chicago Speech Therapy in March because we were concerned about our son’s speech. It was hard for family and friends to understand him, and we knew we needed help to address this issue. We met Karen and were immediately impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. Karen performed an in-depth speech evaluation and gave us a five page report. This report has been invaluable to us. Karen worked with Ben for several months, and we saw huge improvements in our son’s speech. She was thoughtful in each week’s activities and fully engaged him for the entire time period. Karen is creative, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. She used her iPad and board games to keep Ben motivated and interested while, at the same time, providing ample practice. We recently moved to NYC and have been struggling to find a speech therapist like Karen. We’ve gone through several and have had to supplement with our own activities to mimic the work she did with Ben. I highly recommend calling Chicago Speech Therapy. We wish we could have Karen come to NYC! We wish we could have Karen here in New York!

We are extremely happy with Stephanie’s speech improvement

By Sarah

As you know, Stephanie completed her speech therapy with Kelly yesterday evening and had studied with Kelly for about 3 months. I wanted you to know that we are extremely happy with Stephanie’s speech improvement. We and others have noticed a significant improvement in her speech and an increase in her overall confidence. Quite honestly, she is more chatty now then I have ever seen! I would never have called her “chatty” before.

We and Stephanie just loved Kelly. She is a great teacher and her approach is right on point. I think she has found her natural calling in life to work with children. I must say that I will miss Stephanie seeing Kelly as she has been a great mentor for Stephanie. Thank you again-

We employed the services of Chicago Speech Therapy

By Cynthia

We employed the services of Chicago Speech Therapy to assist with our toddler’s expressive speech delay and Kelly was assigned as his speech therapist. I cannot say enough good things about her. Kelly comes to each session on time and fully prepared with fun and creative activities to engage active toddlers. Kelly kept him focused and engaged on each activity, which is not an easy task with toddlers. He truly enjoyed his sessions with her and looked forwarded to them every week. Kelly also provided us with suggestions on things we can do during the week to further enhance his speech. We noticed improvements with our son’s speech every week and were very pleased with the progress he made. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a speech therapist.

he is very sad to give up his weekly sessions

By LeAnn

Initially, my husband and I were very skeptical about the need for speech therapy for our 5 year old son, considering that Brady articulated most words clearly and only mixed up a few sounds. However, Kelly presented a very detailed plan to address his issues, developed a great relationship with Brady, encouraged him and maintained his focus during their sessions, and demonstrated creative and engaging techniques to correct his articulation. Kelly always summarized their sessions and left us with clear directions on how to work with Brady on our own, and he successfully met his goal of correcting his pronunciation within the time frame discussed at our very first meeting. Although Brady is proud of his accomplishment, he is very sad to give up his weekly sessions with Kelly!

dedicated, quality professionals

By Katy

Chicago Speech Therapy is comprised of dedicated, quality professionals who genuinely care about your child’s progress. We first met with Karen who put any anxiety we had about using this organization to rest. She listened to our concerns/needs for our child and paired us with Kelly. Not only has Kelly made a great connection with our son, but we have seen nice changes in his verbal abilities in just a few months. Kelly comes prepared to every session and really keeps an open dialogue with us to continually meet our child’s needs. We couldn’t be more satisfied!!

The best Chicago Speech Therapy we had — hands down!

By Karen

I had the good fortune of working with Jennie for several months. All I can say after the months of seeing her do therapy is “Wow – Impressive”. I have worked with a lot of therapists and I can honestly say that Jennie stands out over and above the crowd. She is always prepared, energetic, thoughtful, and quick to determine what will best help the child she is working with. She is not only a great clinician but also a warm and caring speech therapist. I feel lucky that I got to meet and work with her.

My husband and I cannot say enough about

By ChicagoKV

Chicago Speech Therapy. We knew from our initial meeting with Karen, that we had found a wonderful team to work with. We have had nothing but a wonderful experience including the answering of our initial questions, help with insurance, and the actual sessions. After our orientation, we began working with Liza. After our first session, our 15 month old daughter was able to communicate by signing “more” and we were amazed at how much this small step improved our ability to communicate with our daughter. Each ensuing session she has shown progress and my husband and I often discover how much we learn from the sessions as well. One of the things we love most about Liza is her ability to engage our daughter whether she is in a great mood, feeling under the weather, or starts out crying! Thanks to Chicago Speech Therapy we no longer spend the days worrying about our daughter’s development. Instead we enjoy each new sign, sound, and word we hear.

I had the opportunity to work with Chicago

By Heba

Speech Therapy for 8 months before I moved to DC. The experience taught me that there are some people in the world who are ideally suited to work with children, and to provide them tools they need to learn and grow. Karen and the staff at CST are gentle and wise spirits with abundant patience and meticulousness for quality care. They are also very knowledgeable about different learning styles and speeds. Karen and her team definitely fit those characteristics and go above and beyond what is expected of a quality pediatric therapy clinic. Every interaction with Karen and her team confirmed that they are genuine people who truly value the nature of the work that they do. There is a great sense of purpose and priorities at CST that is rare in most organizations. These are also people of high integrity – they keep their promises and deliver a high-quality service. After seeing their genuineness and attention to detail, I would definitely trust them to work with my own children.

She is fantastic!

By Beth

My son Mickey started with Karen at age 10 and his speech has greatly improved, more than with any other speech therapist we have worked with. Karen comes to our home and is prompt, enthusiastic and genuine with my son. She works professionally and diligently each session always trying new ideas and making each session fun with board games, screen games on her Ipad, and unique ways to get my son to want to practice every day. She is sensitive to my son’s emotions when he gets overwhelmed and gently gives him the nudge to do more when appropriate. I highly recommend Karen for help with a speech correction. She is fantastic!

I was very impressed with Karen’s

By Amy

I was very impressed with Karen’s professionalism when she came into my home to follow-up on some articulation concerns we had with our 5 year old son. She screened him and made appropriate recommendations and assigned Kelly to evaluate him. Kelly has an amazing gift to engage both kids and adults immediately! My son enjoyed the activities and attention. She provided positive reinforcements. It was determined that my son is not eligible for services at this time but resources and supports were provided so that we can continue to keep him developing to keep him on level. Kelly provided us with concrete activities and cues to help our son continue to progress! Thank you both Karen and Kelly! Highly recommend!

From the first time Karen came

By Angela

From the first time Karen came to our home and worked with our 2 year old son, we saw an incredible improvement in his speech. Our son had seen two speech therapists previously, and there was no improvement in his communciation skills so, when Karen was able to get him to say more words in her first visit with him, it brought tears to my eyes. I was so impressed! In less than two weeks he was working on two-word sentences. In less than one month, his words had doubled and his ability to talk in three-word sentences had started. Professionally, Karen is promptly on time for every visit, courteous, and overwhelmingly kind and patient with our son. She has provided us with at-home-techniques and tools to work with our son throughout the week. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a speech therapist. She is fantastic.

Karen was a God send in helping my son

By Karskar

Karen was a God send in helping my son with his feeding difficulties. At 12 months, he still would not touch food of any kind including baby food. Karen helped me to put my frustrations aside and continue to expose him to foods and the highchair despite his refusal to eat. She also helped to set my expectations that progress in this area can be slow and not to be discouraged. With her expert guidance, we continued to be diligent in our routine utilizing the strategies she provided and a few months later, he began to eat. I could not have done this with out her. She is fabulous with the children and the parents and I absolutely recommend her to anyone experiencing the need for feeding or speech therapy.

We have used Karen’s services for about

By John

We have used Karen’s services for about a year with our 3 year old son who has unusual speech issues(delays). We have used several other speech therapist with our son over the last year or so. Karen is by far our favorite. She is very perceptive and has good instincts about what is really going on with our son. My wife and I have really come to respect and trust her opinion. It has helped us deal with the uncertainty around our son’s long term prospects. We are very glad we found her.

Karen worked with our son for about 6 months

By Val

Karen worked with our son for about 6 months, starting when he was 22 months. We highly recommend her services. She made full use of all of her time with our son. It was apparent that she had goals for what to work on during each session and specific areas to target. She is excellent at dealing with toddlers–she helped our son focus, kept him very engaged, and worked on his speech using games and activities that were fun for him. She is very organized and provided great structure in her sessions, which really benefited my son. She is nice but firm and great at keeping the session on track and productive. Week by week we noticed improvements. Karen also gave us great suggestions of ways we could assist our son’s speech and areas to work on each week. And, while it may seem trivial, she was always precisely on time, which is so important to working parents! Karen was a pleasure to work with.

Reflecting on both my son’s astounding progress, we feel very fortunate to have had Liza in our lives

By Sandi

Reflecting on both my son’s astounding progress, we feel very fortunate to have had Liza in our lives. We first met Liza as a private speech therapist to our youngest son and were so impressed with her, that when the opportunity arose, we requested her. She worked with both my son’s very successfully over many years both in individual and group settings, at all grade levels across the spectrum of speech genres. Liza was so popular with the students, that she is still missed, even today.  It is this ease of communication that allowed her to work collaboratively with both parents and staff at every level, with such amazing results. I so appreciated Liza’s organization, preparation and attention to detail, as we worked together over the years on numerous goals.  It’s a pleasure to be work with a professional who understands a child’s needs so uniquely, to consider parental input so carefully and to care so deeply.

Karen has been treating my son for over a year now and has always impressed me with her dedication, skill set and level of expertise

By Cynthia

Karen has been treating my son for over a year now and has always impressed me with her dedication, skill set and level of expertise. She is great at tailoring a structured lesson plan which accommodates my son’s deficits while keeping him engaged and on task. Karen is always on time, thoroughly prepared and contributes 100% to each session. She has helped teach our family ways to incorporate speech techniques into our daily activities so we can achieve large gains in speech acquisition (both expressive and receptive). Karen has also been very helpful in addressing some feeding concerns/oral motor issues. She is unbelievably responsive to questions and is always striving to develop and implement new, fun, creative strategies to help my son achieve success. We truly value our time with Karen and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a SLP.

I sincerely appreciated Karen’s tips and advice

By Catherine

I found Karen’s talk and answers very helpful.  I sincerely appreciated Karen’s tips and advice for helpful tools and approaches to monitor and assist in his development.

Thank you so much for being on our Parent University panel

By Jay

Karen, Thank you so much for being on our Parent University panel this weekend. I have heard nothing but great comments from our attendees and from our NPN team at the event. Thank you for generously donating your time to share your expertise in speech development and therapy with our parents- I’m sure that they came away with a ton of great new information.

Jenny from Chicago Speech Therapy is great

By Donna

Jenny from your office is great with Richard and he enjoys seeing her here every week.

Karen came to us as a highly praised referral for our son


Karen came to us as a highly praised referral for our son who had significant delays in his verbal communication. It was important for us to find someone who was professional and dedicated to her profession, as our sons ability to communicate is vital to the care of his chronic medical condition. We were truly impressed with her dedication to help our son achieve his goals. Not only did she help with his verbal communication, but also his ability to focus, his cognitive understanding and discipline. Our son has acheived his goals and now is able to communicate his needs, which has made a big difference in managing his chronic condition. He truly enjoyed the time she was with him and he misses her weekly visits. She has also given us the tools to carry on her work with our son. We could not have asked for a better speech therapist or more caring individual. We will all miss Karen!

Hi Karen! I never got the chance to thank you


Hi Karen! I never got a chance to thank you and Jenny for being part of Peter’s development. Thank you both! Sherrie

Dear Karen, Thank you for being the difference!


Dear Karen, Thank you for being the difference! Your recent gift to the Scholars Fund in the College of Health Sciences is deeply appreciated. With your partnership, we can continue to prepare students for careers of service in the health sciences. We truly appreciate your support and confidence in the future of the College of Health Sciences at Marquette University. With warmest regards, William E. Cullinan, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Marquette University

Karen…Thank you so much for all you have done for our son


Karen…Thank you so much for all you have done for our son. He has has progressed so much since you began with him! He has loved working with you and would always look forward to your time with him. We hope this gift (a $25 card to itunes) can add to your collection of fun apps for your iPad you use for therapy with the kids you work with. As you know the iPad was Troy’s favorite! Thank you for everything.  🙂   Love, Anita, Cary & Troy

Two thumbs up for Chicago Speech Therapy and Karen George

Dustin ‎

Two thumbs up for Chicago Speech Therapy and Karen George… If you deal with Chicago Speech Therapy, you will experience something rare. They are professional, quite successful, highly-referred, and busy, yet they go above and beyond and have a genuine concern for families and children apart from any business motive. I know from a friend that Chicago Speech Therapy routinely spends time on the phone advising families who are outside of the service area of their speech practice. What other business expends effort for people who won’t become clients? This speaks to the true passion and commitment to serve families that embodies what the practice stands for. From your first contact, to the follow up, to the free information they provide, the screening, formal speech evaluation, and ongoing therapy, you can feel a distinct difference. Its palpable. They are salt-of the-earth kind of people and you can’t go wrong. I recommend them highly.

Karen George’s work with our 7-year

Jerry ‎

Karen George’s work with our 7-year old son’s speech problems was just superb. We saw improved articulation of key sounds right away and even an improvement in reading. Karen’s imaginative teaching techniques and her adept use of tape-recording technology made the sessions fun as well as profitable for our boy, and as parents we much appreciated her clear explanation of diagnostic concepts like “fronting,” which is where his problems lay. Karen at Chicago Speech Therapy is simply terrific and gets our highest recommendation.

A gem of a speech therapist

Laura ‎

Karen has worked with our 2.5-year-old son for several months with great results. We’ve seen a number of speech therapists, and she is a stand out. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced, but also great at “connecting” with our son. Our son actually looks forward to therapy and gets excited when “Miss Karen” arrives! The fact that she comes to our home is perfect (especially in winter!!) — Whereas some speech therapists seem to go through the motions, Karen is always fully engaged and energetic for every weekly session. I feel fortunate to have gotten on her schedule because the quality therapists are hard to come by… when you meet her you’ll know what I’m talking about!

A World-class Practice with world-class people

Pat ‎

I am involved in the pediatric speech field and have a “insider’s perspective” Karen and her team at Chicago Speech Therapy are pretty impressive. To a person (I have met almost all of them) they are sharp, clinically astute, and warm. I have heard that Karen’s practice has grown substantially and demand for her therapists often exceeds supply — I’m not surprised. I know personally that it is not easy to get hired by Chicago Speech Therapy and the process is quite rigorous. That is why I consistently refer to them, and I don’t give referrals easily. I need to know there is proven value before I would even consider referring someone. But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself. It took me a little while, but now I’m a believer. And I’ll keep sending clients there way until I am proven wrong

Karen is simply terrific and gets our highest recommendation


Karen George’s work with our 7-year old son’s speech problems was
just superb.  We saw improved articulation of key sounds right away
and even an improvement in reading.  Karen’s imaginative teaching
techniques and her adept use of tape-recording technology made the
sessions fun as well as profitable for our boy, and as parents we
much appreciated her clear explanation of diagnostic concepts like
“fronting,” which is where his problems lay.

Karen has a natural gift developing children.‎‎

Tim and Dom

Karen was referred to us when our 18 month son was assessed as behind in his speech. From our first session, Karen put us and our son at ease. She quickly taught us sign language to ease the growing frustration we had experienced as our son tried to communicate with us. She made the sessions fun and relaxed, so our son was able to grow and develop while we as parents were able to learn and practice. Over time, our son has learned great skills, many words and is completely on track with his speech and development – thanks to Karen. We all looked forward to Tuesday appointments with Karen with our son waiting at the door for her to arrive and racing up to his room for practice because he enjoyed the sessions so much. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Karen and have learned many lessons which we’ll apply and use with our second child. We highly recommend Karen.

Karen is near perfect‎‎

Dave Gaston

My wife and I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Karen’s growing speech therapy practice. She works hand-and-hand with our rambunctious 3 year old girl (Taylor). She comes right to our home. So let’s start right there, Karen is entirely reliable, always arriving with a bright smile, on-time and in good humor. She has an easy professional manner with the kids; compassionate and fun, but firm. Karen has moved our little girl from a very frustrated, almost non-verbal communicator to a chatty, happy kid. The difference has been really incredible!!! Taylor lights-up! when shes Karen at the door and wants to show off her new verbal skills right away. Karen also has great follow-up skills with parents/teachers, informing my wife and I of the semi-weekly lessons, Taylor’s progress reports / goal tracking and tips on how to best work with Taylor in the evenings. Carrie and I could not be more pleased with Taylor’s progress. All Our Best, Dave & Carrie Gaston‎

Karen is fantastic!‎‎

We used Karen to help our 8-year-old son work out certain sounds he just wasn’t getting. It started to effect his spelling and writing and we turned to Karen. She did a very thorough exam with our son and pinpointed what he needed help with. Karen is fun, energetic and her technique is up to the minute (Ipad included). She is flexible with her schedule and is always willing to try to work around busy schedules. Our son has made incredible strides and we thank Karen for all of her thoughtful help!‎

Look no further than Karen George…‎‎

By Anand

If your child needs pediatric speech therapy I wholeheartedly recommend Karen George. She has extensive in children’s speechtherapy and will serve you well. The most caring and competent speech and language pathologists I know. Speech Therapy for Toddlers is her expertise. She is a special kind of person… this will become clear when you meet her. Like I said, look no further!!!

Karen is Wonderful‎‎

By Grace

Karen has been working with us and our 20 month old son for four months on his delayed speech and we are more than pleased with everything she has done for us. Beyond being very reliable and prompt, Karen is a warm and delightful person to be around and is a pleasure to work with. She has definitely helped our son in her weekly sessions, but more so, she has helped to train us as his parents on how to extend her work into our everyday lives in a way that is easy to merge into the family routine. The progress Karen has forged in our son’s development is priceless and she will always be one of our little boy’s first friends.‎

Strong Recommendation for Karen George…‎‎

By co-op

My 2.5 year old has been seeing Karen for speech therapy for the past 6 months and the results have been dramatic. His initial evaluation had him at a 50% speech delay (so he was speaking at a 12 month level at the age of 2). I was heart-broken for him and felt helpless because it was very difficult to communicate effectively with him and it was resulting in frequent tantrums. Fast-forward six months and my son is now talking non-stop, which I attribute both to Karen’s work with him and tubes he had placed in his ears to restore mild hearing loss resulting from frequent ear infections. Karen’s techniques have been highly effective. She began with a few simple signs and progressed from there. I am so impressed by her ability to relate to toddlers, and my son LOVES the time he spends with her. His vocabulary continues to amaze me, especially considering where we started six months ago. She has also helped me conquer his food aversions. He went from eating virtually NO fruits and vegetables and limited other foods when he began working with her, to eating a very wide variety of all types of foods. She continues to work with him on his habit of over-stuffing his mouth and has various techniques for teaching him to take smaller bites and chew his food thoroughly. I am so grateful to Karen for all of her hard work with our son and would strongly recommend her to anyone considering speech therapy for their child.

The best person for Pediatric Speech…‎‎

By Gmailguy

If you are looking for an exceptional pediatric speech therapist, look no further. Karen George is wonderful. Once you meet her you will understand what I am talking about. The speech therapy programs she uses are very effective. She is nice, smart, competent, and relates wonderfully to our son. She has made world of difference. She has a unique combination of skills rarely found in your average speech pathologist. I would not trust my kids to anyone else! I believe her practice covers Downtown (the Loop), West Loop, River North, Gold Coast, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Bucktown, Wicker Park, Roscoe Village, and Uptown.‎

The best Chicago Speech Therapy we had…‎‎

By Villa

I would like to pass along some good news to you… our daughter passed the speech portion of the Chicago “child find” test this year! This accomplishment is due, in part, to your wonderful teaching abilities. I am so grateful for the expert guidance that you provided her last school year. Due to your efforts, she has made tremendous strides. She will be forever grateful to you.

A real blessing‎‎

By Michael

We have 2 boys, age 4 1/2 and 2. We’ve seen a number of speech therapists, from Children’s to Speech Therapy Companies. No one was able to make an impact with our kids until we were referred to Karen George Chicago Speech Therapy. She was the first therapist our kids actually liked and were excited to see (no small task and half the battle of speech therapy). Karen was able to interact and impact our kids like no one else. I couldn’t recommend anyone or any company more. And, to top it all off, the fact that she comes to our house – rain or snow or whatever the case may be – not having to cart the kids to somewhere else is the icing on the cake!‎

I very STRONGLY recommend you use Karen…‎‎

By tniego

I have two adopted daughters. I had concerns about their development and came across Karen George Chicago Speech Therapy. What a God send! She is wonderful with kids and my daughters love her. She offers cutting-edge speech therapy and even uses an Ipad with programs for kids. The kids ask about her and can’t wait to “play” on her Ipad. She is a class act and a caring person. She will not disappoint!‎

Thank you so much for being part of our son’s “team”

Thank you so much for being part of our son’s “team”. We are so thankful for your patience and continual hard work with our boy. Your smile and good nature are comforting to a parent.

I wanted to let you know we appreciate all you’ve done

I wanted to let you know we appreciate all you’ve done. I know it’s your job but you’ve made us feel your love and caring ways. It will always be remembered. You are one of God’s angel’s touching many lives. For this we thank you!!

Karen, we can’t thank you enough for helping our son

Karen, we can’t thank you enough for helping our son.
He made more progress with you than we were told was even possible.
Your ability to connect with children is remarkable.
Our son lit up when he saw you and loved working with you.
I feel fortunate to have worked with you.

Karen is a wonderful therapist with a kind and patient demeanor!

Karen is a wonderful therapist with a kind and very patient demeanor! With her, we saw a great deal of improvement with our son’s oral motor strength. His ability to suck from a bottle, straw and then use an open cup became significantly better with much less leakage. He now has more of a closed mouth posture than he did before starting speech therapy. Karen always has great ideas up her sleeve to keep her patient engaged during the session. This isn’t always easy with kids! I’ve seen my son begin to interact more with others instead of keeping to himself. Karen not only builds a good relationship with the child, but with the parent as well. She always listened to my concerns and tried to come up with ideas to aid in a solution. For example, my little guy would/could not say “mama”, Karen gave me about 3 different ideas to try out to help him make the sound! She’s great, and a pleasure to have as part of my son’s therapy team.