How to Teach the V Sound by Chicago Speech Therapy

To make the /v/ sound, bring your bottom lip up to your top teeth so that they are just touching. The /v/ sound is made with the same mouth positioning as the /f/ sound. The only difference is that the /f/sound is unvoiced and the /v/ sound is voiced. This means that as air moves through the mouth a read more

How to Teach the TH Sound by Chicago Speech Therapy

If you listen closely, the /th/ sound in the English language is really used in two distinct ways, creating two separate sounds. Even though both versions of the /th/ sound are produced with the same mouth position, the voiced /th/ uses the vocal cords to amplify the sound, such as in “this”, read more

How to Teach the ZH Sound by Chicago Speech Therapy

The /zh/ sound is the sound you hear in the word “measure” or “decision”. It uses the exact same mouth position as the /sh/ sound, but the /zh/ sound is voiced. This means that the /zh/ sound includes the sound produced by vibrating the vocal cords along with the air passing through the mout read more

Karen George, local Speech Therapist in Chicago, releases Speech-Language Milestones book to rave reviews!

Karen George, local Chicago children’s speech therapist, recently wrote and released the book A Parent’s Guide to Language Development Milestones from Birth to 3 Years, as a leading resource for parents and pediatricians. With the success of George’s rapidly growing practice Chicago Speech The read more

Speech Therapist in Chicago Recommends the LanguageBuilder App to Help your Child with Speech Development

Beyond knowing vocabulary, a crucial component of children’s language development is the ability to bring words together into a grammatically correct sentence to communicate their ideas. Speech therapists work on this with many of their students, and great iPad and iPhone apps like the LanguageBu read more

Speech with Milo: Sequencing – Speech Pathologists Love Milo for Storytelling and More

Speech with Milo: Sequencing uses the same fun, playful mouse named Milo to engage children in learning valuable speech development techniques. This time Milo shows kids how to put actions into a sequence, which will ultimately help your child develop their own ability to construct language. In the read more

Pocket SLP Minimal Pairs – One of the Best Speech Therapy Apps for Parents and Speech-Language Pathologists

The app series “Pocket SLP”, or Pocket Speech-Language Therapist, by Synapse Apps is exactly what it claims. Each of their state-of-the-art apps includes almost anything a practicing speech therapist would need or want in a language development intervention. From data tracking, to specific spee read more

Chicago Speech Therapist Endorses These Speech Therapy Techniques to Teach your Child Verbs with the iPractice Verbs App

iPractice Verbs, a fun and educational app for the iPhone and iPad developed by Smarty Ears Apps, focuses on increasing your child’s mastery of verbs and verb forms. Developed with the help of a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, the app offers an in-depth review of verbs, their conjugations, read more

Improving Your Child’s Articulation with the ArtikPix App for Parents and Speech Therapists

The ArtikPix app for both iPhones and iPads is a great portable tool for travelling speech therapists and busy moms to help their children address speech and sound delays as well as to improve their articulation. ArtikPix uses a combination of flashcards and matching games to help your child focus read more

Speech with Milo: Verbs – A Fun Language Development App for Parents and Speech Therapists

Parents looking for resources to teach their children language skills have a unique ally in Milo the Mouse. The main character in the critically acclaimed iPad and iPhone app Speech with Milo: Verbs, Milo bounces around a colorful screen performing actions for your child to identify. This innovativ read more

Karen George, Chicago Speech Therapist, recommends Bumblebee Touchbook – An Entertaining and Educational App for Your Toddler

As a parent, you can transform your iPhone into a powerful resource for your children simply by downloading a few great apps to have handy for those situations at the grocery store, restaurant, or doctor’s office when a picture book or a stuffed animal just can’t keep your toddler’s attention read more

Chicago Speech Therapist Recommends Educational iPad App for Children and Toddlers

Learn to Talk is a best-selling iPhone and iPad app that encourages language skills by using interactive flashcards to build your toddler’s verbal abilities. Unlike other digital flashcard sets which focus primarily on building vocabulary, Learn to Talk follows a developmental progression designe read more

Chicago Speech and Stuttering Therapy: Stuttering Treatments and Stuttering Therapy

What Is Stuttering? Stuttering is a communication disorder involving disruptions, or “disfluencies,” in a person’s speech. The word “stuttering” can be used to refer either to the specific speech disfluencies that are commonly seen in people who stutter or to the overall communicat read more

Speech-Language Development Milestones for Birth to 6 Months: Speech Therapy Chicago

Milestones Critical speech-language development occurs in the first few months of life. Exposure to different sounds, tones and interactions builds your child’s familiarity with language. Receptive language skills, or the ability to listen and interpret language, are forming and limited to reactin read more

How to Use the Ipad App, Animal Fun, to Help Your Toddler’s Speech and Language Development

The Animal Fun app, available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, uses technology to dig deeper into the idea of flash cards. By adding layers of engaging sounds and visuals, the app transforms ordinary flash cards into a fun, interactive learning experience that will help to develop your toddler’s read more

Chicago Speech Therapist uses Ipad app to Help with Speech and Language Development

Flash cards are a great, interactive way to introduce new language to your toddler. With the new technology of smart phones and tablets, engaging your child with stimulating sounds and visuals on the go or at home has become as simple as touching a screen., which specializes in cre read more

Chicago Tribune: Speech language pathologists make connections (featuring Chicago Speech Therapy and Karen George)

Speech-language pathologists help people regain or strengthen their ability to communicate. Many of the people that speech-language pathologists work with have impediments like stuttering, speech delays and learning disabilities. Some clients have physical impediments, such as a cleft palate, heari read more

What is the Primary Checklist for Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms? by Chicago Speech Therapy

There are several different types of sensory processing disorder symptoms ranging from oral, visual, tactile, auditory, and receptive dysfunctions. Tactile Dysfunction – Hypersensitivity: Your child dislikes touch, going to the pool or beach, bathing, rough clothes, or rough play with other c read more

Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Chicago Speech Therapy

As adults, we take speech for granted. Adults can talk all day and sometimes not even think about it, so it’s difficult to comprehend why your child is struggling with something as natural as speech. However, in reality, the oral-motor skills needs to speak properly are very complicated – and th read more

Signs of Autism by Chicago Speech Therapy

In most situations it is important to diagnose problems sooner than later.  How can we diagnose issues when our children aren’t even communicating yet?  They can’t say, “Mommy I don’t feel like talking,” or “Daddy I don’t want to play with the other kids.”  So how is it that infan read more

Play and How it Stimulates Language Development: by Chicago Speech Therapy

There are two very important things to remember when teaching your child how to speak: play and repetition.  These two ingredients make it easier for children to learn and process language. What Are the Benefits of Play? Play is the encouragement and allowance for your child to experiment with soun read more

Is My Child a Late Talker? by Chicago Speech Therapy

Some children are late bloomers; this is not a disorder of any kind.  If you are a parent, you are familiar with the concern that accompanies parenting – you cannot help but worry about your child’s progress and growth.  Communication between children and parents begins with the first moments read more

How will Food Chaining Help My Child Eat? by Chicago Speech Therapy

The Effects of Picky Eating Growing up, children usually go through picky eating stages – it is a very common occurrence.  Broccoli and brussel sprouts can still be difficult to get down even once you’ve approached adulthood.   Most children go through changes and can find something palatable read more

How to Reduce or Stop Your Child From Drooling by Chicago Speech Therapy

Depending on your child’s age, drooling can be something that he or she is a temporary side effect and byproduct of teething.  If your child has already begun teething and isn’t able to stop from drooling, there are a few things you can do to help him or her exercise the oral muscles and gain c read more

How To Correct your Child’s Speech: Insights from Chicago Speech Therapy

Knowing your child has a speech problem, and knowing how to treat it are two different scenarios that can be quite intimidating.  With a few pointers and assessments, you’ll be on the path to therapy and away from the anguish of speech problems. It’s quite easy for parents to lose track of time read more