Chicago Speech Therapy can help your child hit these milestones

Like all lists, this isn’t perfect. Use this as a rough guideline when considering your child. If you have any concerns as a parent, see my information at the bottom of this page. Your toddler may benefit from speech therapy.

General Oral Motor/Feeding Milestones

• 4-6 months- Babies introduced to soft solid foods such as cereals and pureed fruits and vegetables. Cup drinking may also be introduced (6 months)

• 6-9 months- Soft cookies may be introduced as well as ground or lumpy solids.

• 10-12 months-Mashed or soft table foods are introduced; babies will also take most of their liquids from a cup. At 12 months, babies have a controlled bite and are able to bite through cookies.

• 13-15 months- Continued improvement with biting skills and will use a straw or regular cup.

• 16-18 months- Children are given more challenging foods that require chewing, such as meats and vegetables.

• 19-24 months- Children will begin to gain more control of cup drinking and will bite the cup less. They are learning to drink in longer sequences with little or no spillage.

• 2 years- Children are able to manage any type of food they like as they have learned all the skills they need to eat every type of food.

If you are concerned with your child’s speech or language development, please contact Chicago Speech Therapy by calling 312-399-0370 or by clicking on the “Contact Karen” button on the upper right section of this page.

Your Chicago Speech-Language Therapist,
Karen George

Karen George is a Chicago speech-language pathologist. The practice she founded, Chicago Speech Therapy, LLC, provides in-home pediatric speech therapy in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Karen and her team of Chicago speech therapists have a reputation for ultra-effective speech therapy and work with a variety of speech disorders. Karen is the author of several books such as A Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Milestones, A Parent’s Guide to Articulation, A Parent’s Guide to Speech Delay, A Parent’s Guide to Stuttering Therapy, and A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Feeding Therapy. She is often asked to speak and has addressed audiences at top Children’s Hospitals and Northwestern University. Karen is highly referred by many Chicago-area Pediatricians and elite schools.